Thursday, April 17, 2008

Training Log: 24.2

my shoe

Thursday, 4/17: 7ish miles, about 8:15 avg. pace

It was 70 degrees and mild today, a perfect Spring day for a run. I ran with my friend and colleague John Monberg around campus after we both finished teaching this afternoon.

We did a big loop, starting out about 8:30/mi but worked our way up to a good 8:00 per mile pace. I didn't pay strict attention, but it was a good workout for sure.


cbd said...

I almost made four miles today... little pain. (Achilles, heal thyself.) We enjoy lovely weather; bike commutes have resumed in full force.

Bill said...

I'm sending good karma! I'm on the bike today for the first bike commute too; had to get my commuter ride out of cold storage.