Sunday, October 19, 2008

Workouts, plural: Bike

my bike

I had a nice week last week, workout-wise. 4, count-em, 4 rides! About four quality hours, all told, on the bike.

Sunday 10/12 18.8 mile Hilly Loop at roughly 19.1 mph (57 minutes)

Monday 10/13 Bike Intervals on the Trainer
Spin 10 min
2 sets of 5 x 2 min WI, 2 min RI with a 5 min Spin in between sets
Spin 5 min

Wednesday 10/15 Bike Resistance Workout during the Last Presidential Debate
Alternate 9 min WI, 9 min RI with a big, heavy, punishing gear for the WI for 70 min

This workout was inspired by the debate, wherein each topic was supposed to last 9 minutes (two minutes for each candidate to respond to the original question, followed by 5 minutes of follow-up; Scheiffer did his best, but they didn't always make the 9 minute cutoff)

Saturday 10/18
40 minutes @ recovery pace with Michelle & Steve (about 11 miles)
chilly and windy, we are fast running out of pleasant outdoor riding weather here in Mid-Michigan. But this was a nice end to a solid week of riding.