Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sloth in August and one old workout report

Well, it's been a pretty lame month of August as far as workouts go. Perhaps this is my official off season? I've really not been doing much more than one workout a week since mid-July. Now it's mid-August.

I do have one workout to report from a couple of weeks ago now:

my bike

Saturday, 8/9
Tempo Ride 18.8 miles (hilly loop) at 18.4 mph AVS (from memory, a conservative guess)

This was an evening trip around my typical loop course. It was humid and cool, a curious but common Michigan evening combination. I saw two deer on the route and had a brief chat with some pygmy goats as I rode by a field where they were grazing.

The effort was steady but unheroic. I hadn't done much in a long time (over a week) and so I was just trying to get something in without collapsing. Mission accomplished.

It's tough to call such a slow ride a tempo ride, but fitness-wise...this is probably where I'm at right now.

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