Sunday, July 13, 2008

Workout: Ride with Sean

my bike

Saturday 7/12: 10.49 miles, 52:00 AVT; AVS 12.1 mph

By brother was visiting for the weekend, and we decided to take a spin around the neighborhood. It was warm and humid, but there was enough of a breeze to make it bearable. Sean rode my commuter bike and I was on the road machine.

We passed by a nicely supported 2-day group ride for Multiple Sclerosis; we were even cheered by volunteers at the aid station who told us we were riding the wrong way. When we confessed we were just locals, they cheered us anyway!

Sean did a fine job on this ride, which included one long climb that I sometimes use to do interval workouts on. He's been riding at home more lately, so this kept his workout regimen going nicely.

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