Friday, July 11, 2008

Workout: Club Ride

my bike

Thursday 7/10: Club ride 32.3 miles, 1:38:37 AVT; AVS 19.4253 mph

I hadn't been on a club ride in a couple of weeks, so I was looking forward to it with that nervous energy that seems to accumulate when you haven't tested your fitness in, well, a couple of weeks...or at least haven't ridden next to anybody else. The ride leader bailed, so the course that won out last night was chosen on the fly and was a new one for me. I was excited to hear that it had 11 hills!

I ate it up. With the exception of our freakishly fast recumbent guy who can go easily 30 on the downhills and 27 on the flats, I was usually out front. I was the first upright wheel home by some minutes. And it was a good hard tempo+ pace for most of the way in. The way out was quick, but more relaxed because most of the hilly sections came after the halfway point. Great route...I'll have to do that one more often myself.

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