Sunday, July 6, 2008

Workout: Long Ride

my bike

Saturday 7/5: Long ride to Grass Lake, MI. 43.6 miles, 2:25:37 AVS 17.96 mph

It was an absolutely picture-perfect day to do a long ride today, so I called up my buddy Steve who was doing some weekend-warrior remodeling and let him know I was riding to his house. My route was South/Southeast, and the only adverse condition I faced was wind...steady out of the East with significant gusts out of the Southeast. That slowed my average speed, particularly since a good portion of my route - just slightly less than half - was along a MI state route that is mostly bordered by open fields.

The latter part of the ride was beautiful, taking me through the Waterloo State Recreation area. Wooded and with several challenging climbs, it made the last 10 miles or so quite nice.

I was kind of surprised that I didn't see a single fellow cyclist on the road anywhere, given that it was a holiday weekend, the weather was spectacular, and Le Tour started today. I did see a lot of folks on motorcycles, though.

Despite another power outage this week, I managed three workouts. Why should a power outage interrupt workout schedules? Mostly because it interrupts life, in general. With no running water (well requires a pump, pump requires electricity), it makes everything a bit primitive lifestyle-wise. Case in point: we harvested rainwater to flush the toilets last week. In any case, I hope to do at least three and possibly four workouts again next week, especially if the weather holds.

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