Sunday, March 9, 2008

Training Log: 20.1

my shoe

Sunday, 3/9: 15.1 miles in 2:10:03 or 8:36/mi (PMP +31).

Today's long run was a struggle. I felt slow, tired, and angry for most of it. Sick of running in the cold. Last 7 miles into a 10mph headwind; cold, cold, cold. Definitely one of the worst training runs I've had.

Still, I was on the prescribed pace for today's long run. That's good I suppose. I mapped out a course of 18 miles, but ended up walking the last three because I developed a big blister along the side of my left foot. I could have toughed it out, but my foot would have been pretty torn up. Better to slow down and train another day, I figured.

Summary of today: ugh.

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