Saturday, March 8, 2008

Training Log: 19.3

my shoe

Saturday 3/8: 4.2 miles in 34:00, recovery run (with benefits)

10 minutes warmup @ 9:05/mi
2 miles @ 6:58/mi
10 minutes cooldown @ 9:05/mi

This was mostly a recovery run, with a longish WI built in@ a little over a minute below PMP. I'm not big on intervals, as the astute reader of this blog will attest. I mainly wanted to use this week to rest a little more than usual.

Today marks 11 weeks to go before the race. And tonight we turn the clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time. I told myself way back when I began that I would treat that day as a milestone (it extends the training day, after all and I felt that it would be a nice moment as my runs got longer that the days got longer too). Sadly, they won't be getting much warmer in the short term. I was hoping for that too.

I got a reminder yesterday about the real reason I am doing all of this. Not the marathon, that's just my latest motivational goal. The real reason I am running and riding is all about living longer than I would otherwise, given the genetic strikes against me. As of more than a year ago now, I'm ahead of diabetes and heart disease and I plan to stay out front.

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