Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Training Log: 18.2

my shoe

Tuesday, 2/26: 5 miles in 39:00, FIRST week 6 (13); 1600m intervals

1 mile warmup @ 9:00/mi
3 x 1 mile WI @ 6:58/mi, with 3:00 RI (9:00/mi pace) after each WI

Short and intense tonight. The first two WI's were not so bad. The last one had me working hard to keep my form. Pacing for these was PMP - 1:08/mi. I've not done a lot of short running intervals during this training program. I've used the bike instead. I don't believe I need to do anything much shorter or faster than this...maybe a little faster.

Having run an interval workout again, though, let me just reiterate that I don't (can't?) put myself in the kind of cardiovascular condition during running intervals that I do on the bike...it's hard to explain. I hope somebody out there knows what I am talking about. Even if I run really hard, I can't really approach the max heart rate and wattage output that is possible on the bike.

...oh, and going 9 miles an hour on the treadmill is still scary.

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