Sunday, February 24, 2008

Training Log: 18.1

my shoe
Sunday, 2/24: 10 miles in 1:14:54 or 7:29/mi (PMP -36). FIRST week 6 (13) long run.

Fast again. This week was my step down week, so I was "only" running 10 miles. I ran a point-to-point route from home to my office to change things up. I measured pretty carefully...but it may have been a bit shorter than 10 miles. I hope so. Google says it was 10 miles on the nose (see mileage in upper left):


That's the route I took. I traced it ahead of time and then again when I arrived to make sure I followed the planned path. So it was close to a 7:30 pace. Ugh. I have to either accept that my PMP is going to be faster than 8:05 or learn to slow down. I figure as long as I am not getting hurt, I am not overtraining. And this week I had a lot of rest. Next week's long run will be a half-marathon!

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