Saturday, February 16, 2008

Training Log: 16.4

my bike

Saturday 2/16: Resistance training on bike + core strength & flexibility
20 minutes of yoga
2 x 15 min pushing heavy gear with 5 min spin warmup, RI & cooldown (45 minutes)

The yoga workout is a "flow" style (ashtangi) set of poses that goes like this: sun salutation, downward dog, chair/thunderbolt, crescent lunge, half pigeon, bridge, and leg extension. The last one uses a strap to get a good hamstring stretch. This sequence is done in two sets, four times in all, with each set consisting of one time through on the right side and once on the left.

The bike workout is a low-cadence affair, but the big gear means you are huffing and puffing the whole way. I try to work on staying upright, not swaying too much in the saddle, and keeping my pedal stroke symmetrical.

This is a "bonus" day, the fourth workout of the week. Tomorrow starts week 17/FIRST week 5. First up, as long as the weather holds, is a 12 mile long run outside at a prescribed 8:50/mi. 14 weeks to go until the marathon!

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