Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rain, Damn

Well...I hoped to get off the treadmill for the long run this week, but it doesn't look promising. Accuweather tells the tale:


That's rain, and a lot of of it. Tip to all folks who live in Michigan and are thinking of training for a first marathon: pick one that happens in the Fall. At this point, I pretty much have to do long runs on the weekend because they take two hours to do. There's not enough time or daylight during the week. Combine those constraints with cold and sloppy conditions, and you have a training challenge that has nothing to do with your physical conditioning.

The silver lining in today's many rain clouds is that my LBS*, Denny's Central Park Cycles, is having an open house and sale today. So I might get some new gear!

*Local Bike Shop, in this case; for cyclists, it's the equivalent of BFF!

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