Thursday, February 14, 2008

Training Log: 16.3

my bike

Thursday 2/14: Hard intervals on the trainer, 68 minutes; Ladders

Spin 10 warmup

3 min max effort WI, 3 min RI
2 min max effort WI, 2 min RI
1 min max effort WI, 1 min RI

5 min RI between sets and 5 min spin cooldown

A heart-thumping workout for Valentine's Day! We're counting this as speedwork for this week. FIRST calls for today's interval workout to be 12 x 400 meters @ 6:35/mi pace...just over 2 minutes per quarter.

By my calculation, then, I owed the training program just about 24 minutes of suffering. This ladder workout was a nice change up from my standard set of equal intervals because as you get fatigued, the RI gets shorter and you are just short of full recovery when the next WI starts.

Did I mention that of all workouts, I hated running quarter mile intervals the most? There's something flat-out wrong about a quarter mile. It hurts way worse than other distances for some reason. Back in the day, when you failed to run one at the required pace (usually 80% of race pace, calculated as your avg. best race time in a season) you had to do that one over. Someone always seemed to be barfing during those workouts.

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