Thursday, January 31, 2008

Training Log: 14.4

my shoe

Thursday, 1/31: 6 miles in 50:00; FIRST week 2 tempo run

2 miles easy (9:05/mi), 3 tempo (7:45/mi, PMP -:30), 1 easy (9:05/mi)

Solid tempo effort today. This is actually the week 3 tempo workout, but I did it this week for three reasons: 1) this week's scheduled workout was the same as last week, 2) I felt good, 3) I want to make next week a pacing run (extended effort at PMP rather than a FIRST-style tempo run.

Interesting quasi-fact:

Number of calories in the small Steak-n-Shake vanilla yogurt shake I had today = 385
Number of calories the treadmill says I burned on this run = 610

Even if the treadmill is off by a lot, I figure I'm ok, eh?

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