Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Training Log: 14.3

my shoe
Tuesday, 1/29: 5-ish miles in 48:00; FIRST week 2 intervals

Today's interval punishment session went like this:

Warmup 13 minutes at 8:30/mi
5 x 1 min fast (6:30), 2 min easy (8:30)
Cooldown 13 minutes at 8:30/mi

Tough stuff. I've always disliked speedwork, first of all, and the RI here is just under what you need to fully recover...which means this is a progressive workout. To top it off, I did it on the treadmill. Say what you want about comparative pace, there is no fooling the treadmill...so at the very least the last WI is the same as the first. And going 6:30/mi on a treadmill is scary too. One misstep and you go flying off.

Glad that one is over.

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