Sunday, January 20, 2008

Training log: 13.1

my shoe

Sunday, 1/20: 6 miles in 58:34 or 9:25/mi; FIRST week 1 long run

Brrrr. This was more like an episode of Survivorman than a training run. The plan was to go 8 miles, but that was not going to happen. Once I turned West into a wicked headwind, I had to cut it short. Hypothermia was a real risk. Here's why:

Temperature: 9f
Wind: 20-22 mph sustained out of the West, with gusts up to 40!
Wind Chill: -9
Frostbite time: about 30 minutes, max

My route would have had me running mile 4, 5, & 6 into that headwind for right about 30 minutes. And me without my wind briefs.

I don't feel too bad about today. I ran miles 1 & 2 without a watch (forgot to push start), but they felt about the same as mile 3, which was 8:00 flat. Mile 4 & 5, into that wind, were 10+ each, in part because I stopped and turned my back to warm up a few times and also because I had to, erm, look after myself in certain places...let's just say that it didn't make for a normal running stride. Mile 6 was 8:30. Still too quick, but I was not really worrying about pacing today since I just wanted it all to be overwith.

No looking back from today. The rest of the week will be on the treadmill if it's even close to this cold!

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