Monday, January 7, 2008

Training Log: 11.2

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Monday 1/7: Calibration Run
Measured 10k (6.2 mi) in 45:25 or 7:18/mi


I decided that with today's warm temperatures and in anticipation of the start of my 18 week official pre-marathon training period, I would do a calibration run today to determine workout intensity. I went faster than I thought I could go.

If I hadn't obsessively measured it myself on my bike (with the computer), I would scarcely believe it myself. The conditions today were good, but not ideal. I felt fantastic. It was 63 degrees outside, foggy and misty with a wet track and lousy visibility. This meant I was dodging cars on the non-existent shoulder for about 3 miles, and one of the miles was on a dirt road that was just slightly less then firm. In dry, safer conditions, I might have gone just a hair quicker.

What does this mean for my training program? Well...I'm not sure yet. I don't want to use this as my official training benchmark for FIRST. I think it's better to be a bit more cautious. A 45:25 10k predicts a 3:30 marathon. That means my planned marathon pace would be 8:00/mi. I think 8:30 is more realistic, which is still a 3:43. That would be awesome, in my book.

Still, on this day, on this run, I was quick. And I know my last mile was a negative split. When I think about what kind of shape I was in one year ago, that sort of performance is unthinkable.

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