Sunday, December 21, 2008

Catch up: Bike, Spin, Ski

It's been a while since I last posted, so let's catch up on some workout reports. I finished up the final chores of the Fall semester, and so there was about a week where I didn't do much.


12/12 Spin Class
A tough one! We went almost the whole hour with no recovery, only spinning with less resistance but keeping our cadence high the whole time. We all got to dig deep. I confessed to the group my love for suffering. Not exactly a 12 step moment, but the first time I've said it out loud to strangers. :) Hello, I'm Bill, and I am a cyclist...

my bike

12/13 Bike: Climbing Intervals

My weekly ritual, short-lived though it is, of watching Survivorman while riding on the trainer continued with an interval workout. Something like this:

Warmup 10min Fast Spin Low Resistance (50/24)

4 x Climb Interval 8min (50/12), RI 4 min (50/19).

All intervals climb out of saddle for 5min, seated 3min

Cooldown 5 min Fast Spin (50/24)


my bike

Saturday 12/20 Ski & Bike Brick

60 min XC ski at fast pace; great snow - perfect fresh powder with a lot of glide. Very little wind and mild temperatures (mid 20's) made this a perfect day to go for a little Nordic jaunt. Awesome. The kind of thing that makes Winter worthwhile.

and then, like some crazy tri-greek, I decided not to waste my warmed up muscles. I got out of the skis, changed, and got on the bike for:

Terrible Twos:

Spin 5 warmup
2 x (6 x 2min WI, 2 min RI)
Spin 5 in between and cooldown

WI is 50/17 max effort
RI is 50/24 at 85%

Yep...back to 6 WIs for this workout. Feeling strong again. Two back-to-back hours of hard effort here, and I felt great the whole time. Making some progress. The goal is to build a strong base over the winter.


sean said...

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sean said...

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Bill said...

as spam goes, at least this is relevant*