Monday, August 4, 2008

Workout: Tempo Ride

my bike

Saturday 8/2: 30.4 miles, 20 miles @ tempo AVS 18.4 mph

Rode with Jeff on Saturday for the first time, even though we've been meaning to do it since the summer started. We managed to fit one in before the summer is over, but just barely.

It was about 5 miles to and from the rendezvous point for me, with a good 20 mile hilly course for the tempo section. Our pace was good considering we had a big headwind on the way in to contend with. Jeff has good TT power, he can push a big gear. I was working hard towards the end to stay on his wheel on the flat sections.

I rode the warmup and cooldown at about 18 mph AVS, spinning a high cadence. Great workout.

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