Thursday, June 5, 2008

Workout: Club Ride

my bike

Thursday 6/5: Bike 1:25:00 or so, 25.8 miles club ride

It was nice to get back to riding in a group today, my first club ride of the season. Today's ride went something like this:

2.5 miles warmup to the start
11 miles @ 17.7 mph, conversational pace
Water break
11 miles at 22.1 mph, hammering
2.5 miles cooldown back home

It was all smiles and laughs on the way out, but the hammer came down on the way back in. We didn't always have an organized pace line, but I took a big long pull when one finally formed and was in the wind for most of the way home. We hit speeds of 24 or so on the flat in line. It's really fun to do that.

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