Saturday, May 17, 2008

Training Log: 28.3

my shoe

Thursday, 5/17: 8 miles at PMP, 1:04:37

The goal for today was simple: practice that marathon pace! I ran my 8 mile loop right on the mark. But while the avg. pace was on target, it's a bit deceptive as there was a big wind. So it felt a bit more like an interval workout. I was 45 seconds ahead of pace at three mile mark, then 5 seconds behind at the six mile mark, and finished 3 seconds ahead overall. First and last mile with a tailwind, miles 4-6 into strong gusts.

I'll have a light week coming up since it is my pre-marathon week. I'll get a short temp run in sometime mid-week and maybe a bike workout if the weather cooperates. I'll also check the weather for race day.

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Doc Mara said...

Nice work. Once you get past 6, you quickly reach cruising altitude. Just don't forget to walk about the cabin (the runs get pretty long soon).