Saturday, May 10, 2008

Training Log: 27.2

my bike

Saturday 5/10: Bike 1:34:06, 30.3 miles, AVS 19.1 mph Long tempo ride

This was a my first longish ride on the Southern loop route that heads toward Mason, MI. It's includes some of the best (that is, *only*) real climbs around here too. It was windy, but not brutal, mostly out of the South and West, so I fought wind for much of the trip. Still kept up a good pace.

Caught a guy on the back side of the loop going up the first of two substantial climbs. He sucked my wheel for a while, and then I dropped him on the second hill...not out of spite, he was just laboring. He was a big tall dude, probably could hammer out 24mph on the flats without a problem. I was hoping he'd turn when I did and I could tuck in behind him for a bit, but I didn't see him after that.

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