Saturday, May 31, 2008

A few more Bayshore pictures

The images below were shot by the good people at Action Sports Images. They are low-res, web-only versions. But you can order the real deal online! We are buying prints of these three, so I felt that it was ok to do a little marketing. Here's hoping that with ample linking and careful attempts on my part to be responsible with their IP, they will embrace the Web 2.0-inspired attempt to promote their fine work.

Here's a shot from the first part of the race:

On the road

Here's a shot as I am coming into the stadium for the finish:
Coming into the stadium

And, of course, crossing the line!
Crossing the finish line!

...see? there are people behind me...

More Bayshore Marathon 2008 images - seriously, this is a beautiful course - here.

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