Thursday, April 24, 2008

Training Log: 25.2

my shoe

Wednesday, 4/24: 5.4 miles in 38:22 or 7:06/mi (PMP -:59); Tempo Run

I snuck in a quick hybrid tempo/interval workout today during the middle of the day. I set out on the 6 mile campus loop, but construction took me another the distance here is a conservative guess. The time is accurate though.

The "hybrid" is due to the fact that this was a fartlek workout. Haven't done one of those since the old cross-country days. I varied my surge intervals between about 10 and 40 seconds in length, spacing them at least a minute apart.

I'll hopefully have a couple of bike commutes this week at tempo pace, so this run helped to get some interval work in as well. This is a light week, mileage-wise, on my plan due to the 20 miler last week (and 37 running miles total).

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