Saturday, April 19, 2008

Training Log: 24.4

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Saturday, 4/19: 20 miles in 2:47:52 or 8:24/mi (PMP +:19); Long Run

The longest scheduled run of my training program is done. I may do yet one more 20 miler or a little more, but as far as my plan goes...I have reached high camp, spent time in the death zone, and am in striking distance for my summit attempt 5 weeks from today. FIRST called for this run to be done at PMP + 30, and I was under that, but not brutally so. Mission accomplished.

I learned a few things, as one is supposed to on these long runs. First, I got up and ran on the day and at the time that the real race will be. This turned out to be quite pleasant. Weather couldn't have been better. Warm, not too windy, slightly cloudy but with a high ceiling so it was nice and bright. Lovely Spring morning.

Second, drinking about 8 oz of water for every 4 miles or so seems to be tolerable and keeps me reasonably hydrated. I lost 3 lbs. on this run, but that's not terrible, I don't think.

I believe I will need an eating strategy slightly better than the one this morning. I should have slightly more food than I am used to for breakfast, I think, but not a whole lot...maybe an extra banana or something. I felt fatigued at the end of this run, especially mile 19 and 20, and my pace dropped in the second half (alas, no negative split today...).

Since I do Type II diabetes (why I "do" it rather than "have" it is something for another post, I eat and exercise to manage blood glucose. No hammer gels. :) But I clearly need to eat something around the 10 mile mark and probably the 20 mile mark too. My blood glucose was good when I finished today, 91, which means I didn't bonk...but I think a little boost along the way is definitely called for. feet feel good. No hot spots. My muscles are sore, but my joints feel fine.


cbd said...

Great run. I wanted to do four miles today, but had a little more stiffness in the Achilles than I was comfortable with. And later today is our faculty-student softball game, so I gotta take it easy.

I like to eat cashews and banana chips on long runs and/or bike rides. Easy to handle and not too sweet. Clif bars, too. I also use homemade Gatorade: 1/3 cup sugar, 1/4 tbsp lite salt, generous squeeze of lemon in 2 liters water. That's far less sugary than the reg'lar stuff.

When I ran the marathon I did end up wishing I'd gone further than 22 miles (my longest). If I ever do one again, I hope to do a 22 mile run followed by a 4 .2 mile walk---so I can have the total distance under my belt.

Bill said...

Much appreciated advice! It's humbling to run each new long distance and discover how drained it's possible to be. At the same time, it is kind of fun to see the training program as a chance to learn how to do the race little by little.

I may try to run the whole distance once. I've mulled that over. I generally don't like surprises...

cbd said...

That was my feeling, too, but my running partner talked me out of it (and wearing my Camelbak during the race). In retrospect, both silly.

btw, Faculty 13, Students 12---we had a six-run rally in the bottom of the eighth!

Bill said...

Go faculty! (I always root for the old people...especially now that I'm on that team)