Saturday, March 29, 2008

Training Log: 22.1

my bike

Saturday 3/29: Bike, outside! about 60 minutes @ 19 mph. (hilly loop)

Hurray! I got back on the horse today. Outside on the bike, actually moving through space, for the first time since the Fall. And for the first workout of the week. This is my normal loop - about 18.6 miles (I forgot to reset my computer today, but I have ridden it a lot). The many small climbs make it function like an interval workout if I am trying to maintain a decent tempo. So we'll call this our interval workout for the week.

My cold lingered, migrated to my chest, and I was coughing and feeling under the weather most of the week. I decided to rest and get better rather than try to squeeze in runs punctuated with periodic expulsions of lung butter. I missed working out this week though, in part because it was also a fairly stressful work week. So getting on the bike felt really good. My toes were cold (it was about 45 degrees) but it was sunny.

I would have had a faster avg. speed but there was a big headwind for the first 7 and last mile. That was the coldest part too.

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