Sunday, February 17, 2008

Training Log: 17.1

my shoe

Sunday, 2/17: 12 miles in 1:35:06 or 7:55/mi (PMP -10). FIRST week 5 (14) long run.

Ok...I admit this is too fast. But in my defense, it's the first time I've been able to run outside in weeks. I hit a brief window where the rain died down, it was 40 degrees and a bit breezy, but otherwise ok. There was even sun for the first 4 miles or so. The freezing rain kicked back in right as I was finishing up.

But wow! 12 miles @ 7:55! That's awesome. And no joint or impact pain; felt great for most of this run, in fact. Mile 11 was a struggle; it was getting cold and windy again and I felt a bit sluggish. But the last mile was good.

I measured the route carefully yesterday so I could keep an eye on my splits. My first mile was way too fast, but after that I tried to reign myself in and run a steady pace. I think I did that pretty well. The first split was 1:30 under PMP, and I only put another 30 seconds total into the PMP time over the next 11 miles. Good, steady running.

It may have been physically a bad idea, but this is a nice confidence booster. We'll see if it's worth it or not...

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