Saturday, January 12, 2008

Training Log: 11.3

my bike

Saturday 1/12: Resistance training on the bike
3 x 15 min pushing heavy gear with 5 min spin warmup, RI's & cooldown

What is a heavy gear, you may wonder? I haven't explained that before. Rather than trying to count chain rings, I think it's easiest to calibrate a resistance workout on the bike by paying attention to your cadence (that is, your RPM).

Spin cadence for warmup and RI is 110-120 RPM
Work Interval cadence for a threshold workout is 90-100 RPM
Work Interval cadence for a resistance workout is 70-80 RPM

The WI should be sustainable for the planned duration, so shorter intervals can be done with more resistance, etc. Calibrating this way also lets you adjust for how tired you might be from a previous workout, etc.

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