Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Training log 10.1 - 10.3

my shoe

Sunday, 12/30: 6 mile tempo run @ 8:30 pace. I ran today with my good friend Randy, triathlete extraordinaire. He and I have been running together since we were kids, quite literally. It was great to have he and his partner Tamra up for a visit. We got out for a brisk run in slightly sub-freezing, but otherwise pleasant weather.


Tuesday 1/1: 45 minutes of XC skiing
Eight inches of fresh snow to start the new year. I cruised around the yard and behind our property just a short way. The snow was fairly sticky, so the conditions were not ideal. Still a good workout though!

Wednesday 1/2: 90 minutes of XC Skiing
Oh yeah! 5 inches of fresh powder and colder temperatures made the ski conditions absolutely perfect. To make it even better, our neighbor saw me zipping around yesterday and invited me to ski on the trails on her 65 acres behind our house. Awesome...but see for yourself:

shadow self portrait, winter


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