Sunday, December 2, 2007

Training Log: 5.1

my shoe

Sunday: Tempo Run on the Treadmill
1 mile warmup (10 min/mi), 3 miles @ 8:00/mi, 1 mile cooldown.

Today was an easy tempo day, to be sure. Running on the treadmill is less than ideal, but today is cold and the roads are covered with ice from a nasty ice storm that came through last night. So 44 minutes going nowhere is going to have to be it for today.

Running on the treadmill is also a bit easier in some respects than running for real. There is less resistance, of course. But it's also true that you aren't varying your pace at all, so for something like tempo training it can be beneficial. It's a topic of much debate - Google it and you'll see. Let's just agree that speed on the treadmill is a bit faster than speed on the road, but pace is more consistent. Sound good?

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