Saturday, December 1, 2007

Training Log: 4.1 (and only)

my bike

Saturday 12/1 Cross Train, Bike: Hard "Eights" on the trainer.
3 x Spin 8, Hard 8 + extra Spin 8 cooldown

Well, I had an unintentional week off mostly due to a crushing workload this week. The cold and snowy weather didn't help either. But I got a ride in today. Felt good to suffer. As a bonus, I watched the Ironman Hawaii telecast during the workout...always good for a little motivation.

Looking forward to resuming the normal schedule this week. I won't likely get a long run in tomorrow (Sunday) to start week 5 because we are due to get 5 inches of snow tonight. I can't bear the idea of running 10+ miles on the I will see if I can slot a longer run in later in the week.

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