Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Training Log: 3.2

my shoe

Tuesday 11/20: Tempo Run
5.3 miles in 40:28 (7:39/mi)

Today's run felt great. It was warmer than it has been the last few days, but with light drizzle. This made the bad visibility even worse since I wear glasses. Dark, foggy, and rainy + oncoming headlights combined to limit my speed somewhat. Still, my pacing was good for a tempo run. The odd distance is due to my point-to-point course today; I ran to Lily's pre-school from our house. Les came and picked us both up!

We're traveling tomorrow for Thanksgiving, so my third run this week will be in Ohio. I'm going to try and run some hill repeats on a familiar course for old times' sake. I may also do next week's long run on Saturday.

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