Sunday, November 18, 2007

Training Log: 3.1

my shoe

Sunday 11/18: Long Run, Scale back week
6 miles in 47:13 (7:52/mi)

This is too fast for a long run and a recovery week according to the plan I've been following. But I wasn't pushing hard. So I either have to slow down or adjust my pacing. I'll post about that soon. It involves math.

I ran the first 3 miles at an even faster pace; I was out in 21:43 or (7:15/mi). That's what I had been using, more or less, as my 5k race pace. Obviously, it is not. I took the first mile especially easy too, or so I thought. After seeing the three mile split, I slowed way down for the return trip, but still came in under 8:00/mi. Ok..enough numbers for the moment. I'll do some figuring and post about pacing and goals for the marathon later.

(note new notation for training log; the format is week # (dot) workout # that week)

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