Friday, June 1, 2012

3000 laps of nowhere

Tomorrow - Saturday June 2, 2012 - I'm going to do something flat out crazy. I'm going to ride a 100 miles on my bike. Now that, by itself, is enough to qualify for some as crazy. But for me that's just a fun day in the saddle these days. It wasn't always that way, mind you, I used to be more like:

That was 6 years and almost 80 pounds ago. That was a body with all the risk factors associated with Type II diabetes in the red zone. I made some changes to that body, though, and my primary tool for doing that was a bike. Ok several bikes. You know how it goes...

Anyway. Tomorrow I'm going to ride 100 miles on my bike on a very small course for an event dreamed up by the brilliant and inspiring Elden Nelson, aka Fatty, of the Fat Cyclist blog, book, and burgeoning media empire. The event is called 100 Miles of Nowhere and the aim, as the title implies, is to ride 100 miles on the shortest possible tolerable course. Going absolutely nowhere on a stationary trainer is one option. But I think I've found a course that has all the charm of a flywheel with an added degree of dizziness. Here, I made a route map on Strava you can check out:

         That little red dot you see there is the course. It's my circle driveway. 1/30th of a mile per lap. No really. Ok, here...

The red circle. 3000 times. That's what I'm doing. Why? Well...payback of sorts. I've read Fatty's blog for many years now and have admired his work as a writer, as an advocate for cancer caregivers and patients, and as a cyclist. The 100MON is a fundraiser, in fact, and so my "entry fee" was a donation too. But I'm also doing this for another reason. 

I've also raised money as I've made the changes that have made me more healthy in the last six years. My event is the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure. Last year, for instance, my friends and colleagues donated more than $2000 to support diabetes research and programming. Over the last 5 years, I've raised almost $10,000 for the ADA. It's been pretty great. I even got to ride with Chris Horner last year.
me and Chris Horner of Team RadioShack
And I am truly grateful for all that my friends and family have done to support the ADA fundraising, not to mention my own riding. I'll ride another 100 miles in the Tour de Cure a week from tomorrow, June 9th. I'd appreciate it if you would donate to my campaign. And as a ridiculous show of good faith for just how much I appreciate it, I'm going to ride 3000 laps in my driveway tomorrow.

What's so magical about 3000? Well...that's how much I'd like to raise. Now don't fret. I've already got us nearly halfway there. See my fundraising page here. I've been asked to do some talks this year related to research connected with improving public health, and I've donated the honoraria I've received to this and other worthy causes. So we have just about $1700 to go to hit $3000! I'd really appreciate your help.

Watch this space tomorrow - ok maybe Sunday -  for an update. :) Should be a blast!


Rob Elliott said...

Good luck dude. 3K loops - that's bad-ass! :)

Bill said...

Thanks Rob!

susan said...

Dumb question: how on earth do you keep track of that many loops? Off to make my annual donation now!

Bill said...

Hey Susan,

Good question! Bike computer. And tomorrow, I'll have Strava running on my iPhone too. Should make for interesting absurd data file.

And thank you!