Monday, June 16, 2008

Catching Up: Workouts during the week of June 9

Tuesday 6/10: Kuk Sool Won 90 minutes (flexibility/strength/balance)
Thursday 6/12: Club Ride 32 miles 18.9 AVS

Busy week last week, and lots of rain/storms. Not as bad as other areas of the midwest for us, but we did lose power for about 2 days. That put a damper on workouts in the early part of the week.

Thursday's group ride went well. I hung tough for the whole ride even though I started with leaden legs for some reason...just didn't feel very fresh. In the last two miles, the paceline I was in started fragmenting and I got caught in a slow group after a pull. By the time I saw that three of the faster guys had gone off the front, I was 200 yards back. I skipped to the front and made an all-or-nothing attempt to bridge the gap in a fierce headwind, but the three out front were tucked in tight getting ready for the final sprint. I sat up when it was clear that I wasn't going to get them back without any help. Ended up finishing about 30 seconds back. By that time, they'd dropped another guy who said that they were going 25 into that headwind when he fell off the back.

It's one of those small motivating things I guess...getting dropped at the end of a hard club ride. This time, I can honestly say that it was as much a factor of not paying attention at a critical time as it was level of fitness...but getting dropped is getting dropped. It makes you want to train harder so it doesn't happen next week.

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