Sunday, March 2, 2008

Training Log: 19.1

my shoe

Sunday, 3/2: 13.1 miles in 1:45:51 or 8:04/mi (PMP -1).

Much better. I was shooting for 8:30/mi, but I basically had this one on autopilot. I only looked at the watch twice. One at 5 miles and once at 10 miles. It was basically the same pace for those two splits 39 minutes and change each time. This means I ran the last 3.1 a little slower than I had better learn to take it out more steady or I will likely see my per mile avg. drop after the halfway mark.

Good to know. Trying to train smarter.

Two other factors worth noting, though...

1) the last 3 miles were into the brunt of a cold, stiff headwind. It was really tough coming in. I didn't feel especially fatigued, but it was not pleasant either.

2) I need to drink water on these long training runs; that likely made a difference too. Plus, it will be good to practice to get the stomach ready for race day.

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