Saturday, March 1, 2008

Training Log: 18.4

my bike

Saturday 3/1: Tempo on the trainer, 76 minutes
6 x 8 min WI @ Tempo; 4 min spin warmup, cooldown, and RIs between WIs

Solid effort and a relatively long ride, as trainer workouts go. It's March, so there are good college basketball games on. This makes longer rides a little easier. Today I watched the epic tilt between Valpo & Wright State. Valpo dominated from beyond the arc in the first half, but WSU hung in with a stout inside game. I am sure the coach was telling them to bust it inside and rebound (ok, that's what all coaches say...), because when they did that, they were scoring.

One other note...the hardest two WI's today were the middle two. I really bounced back nicely after riding about 40 minutes. I'll have to remember that little bounce when I am out suffering in the pack later in the year.

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