Monday, December 10, 2007

Training Log: 5.2

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Saturday, 12/8: Long Run
7 miles

I had a bit of an injury today during my long run. The first four miles were fine. But I started having a pain that felt like a mild muscle strain or, perhaps, tendonitis just behind my left knee. It was just tight and uncomfortable at first, but became a genuine limit factor. I slowed down considerably and even walked a few times. But I didn't push things once the pain started. A key goal of this training program is to not injure myself.

I attribute this pain to improper warmup. It was pretty cold - about 23 degrees - and so I should have taken more time to stretch and warm up before setting out on my first long run in about two weeks. The pain was not in the joint itself.

My 4 mile pace, for what it's worth, was not so fast as to be a cause of the problem I do not believe. I was on about an 8:30 pace, right on my goal for a 10 mile run.

My plan heading into week six is to bike and only do one short run after giving myself a chance to heal a bit. I'll keep you all posted.

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Jim said...

Ack! Bill take it easy this coming week. YOGA!