Saturday, May 18, 2019

Announcing the #Ride2CW 8-bit Grand Fondo!!

What is the 8bit Fondo?
A one day event for folks attending or supporting the Ride2CW fundraiser to ride together, see some of the beautiful roads of Ingham County Michigan, all with some support by Bill & Leslie H-D!

The ride will take place on Wednesday, June 19th! And riders will have three options:
  • 64* miles - we'll leave from the H-D Compound at 9:00 a.m. for the first loop!
  • 32* miles - we'll leave from the H-D Compound at 12:00 for the second loop!
  • 8* miles - we'll leave from the H-D Compound at 2:00 for the final loop!
We'll have snacks, drinks and bottle filling, and a little SAG/support station at the Compound. If you are riding or supporting a rider, you can come and hang out and choose the ride you'd like to do. 

Ok, So What Does it Cost?
No charge...but we ask that you either donate or get others to contribute to the #Ride2CW! All you need to do apart from that is contact Bill H-D and let us know which route you'd like to ride (so we don't leave anybody behind and so we have enough snacks on hand). 

What are the Routes?
Bill will link to the three loop routes via Strava. [1 is below, others coming soon]

The first 32 mile loop heads South to Mason, the county seat and includes a convenient stop at the Vault Deli halfway where coffee, sandwiches, etc. can be had.

The second loop is about 26 miles and heads Northeast. It includes an optional ice cream stop. 

The final loop is just six miles to the Township Hall in the rural "neighborhood" of the compound, but never fear because afterwards we are just 1.1 miles away from Old Nation Brewing Co., where we can eat, drink, and tell stories.

Which Route Should I Pick? What Kind of Bike do I Need?
We recommend that folks choosing the 64 mile route (full day, all thee loops for roughly a metric century) should be on road bikes, but a flat-bar road bike or mountain bike would work if you are up for the challenge. 

For the 25 mile route, we'd say just about anything other than a beach cruiser is going to work. We aren't looking to set any speed records and Mid-Michigan is not terribly climby...there are a few rollers, but I don't think we'll have more than a few hundred feet of total elevation change for the two longer loops.

For the 6 mile loop, we welcome all comers!

Ok, But When I Add Up All the Miles, It's Actually 70 Miles...
Well, now you've learned something about cyclists. We are bad about estimating distance and it's always a little longer than we said it would be... :)

Email Bill H-D or ping me on twitter @billhd


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